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NILLIFUL (a portmanteau of "new", "brilliant", and "beautiful") was first created as an online shop offering made-to-order handcrafted press-on nails and accessories by Nita Xiong (nitaxnails), a licensed nail technician and multifaceted creative. Now including a nail studio, NILLIFUL continues to serve as a welcoming space promoting positivity and self-love through eye-catching nail art with a renewed focus on providing gel nail services.


After living in South Korea and traveling to Japan, Nita was inspired to incorporate the nail art style and techniques of these innovative nail industry trendsetters in her own practice and provide a transformative nail experience in the Milwaukee area, offering alternative nail art designs using high quality nail products.


At NILLIFUL Nail Studio, nail art transcends mere decoration–it is a sanctuary for self-expression as well as a way to unwind and refresh. Whether you choose to experience NILLIFUL through press-on nails or nail services, NILLIFUL aims to be an uplifting contribution to your self-love journey and self-care routine and hopes wearing NILLIFUL nails bring you just as much joy as it brings Nita in creating them.

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