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At NILLIFUL, we believe in high quality services, uncompromising hygienic salon practices, providing beautiful nail designs, all while maintaining the health and integrity of your nails.



Add length with Aprés Nail Gel-X tips! Gel-X tips are pre-formed and applied to the natural nail using extend gel. Gel-X tip extensions provide protection to the natural nails and extended temporary length for up to 3-4 weeks. Depending on condition of the nails, Gel-X nails can be filled at 2-3 weeks and suggested to be removed after 4 weeks. Includes trimming and shaping of the natural nails, deep cuticle care, buffing, application of Gel-X tips, one gel polish color cured with UV/LED light, lotion, massage of the hands, and oil. 

GEL-X TIP EXTENSIONS | 2 hr. | $70+


A great option for adding strength, protection, and body to thin nails or flat nail plates and growing out the natural nails for natural length. Your choice of nude colors or clear builder gel is overlaid on the natural nails to build a flexible yet durable protective barrier and apex. Gel polish color and nail art is applied on top and may be changed out during maintenance nail appointments. However, this gel structure overlay remains on the nails as your nails grow out and is filled in the area of new growth. Includes trimming and shaping of the natural nails, deep cuticle care, buffing, one gel polish color cured with UV/LED light, lotion, massage of the hands, and oil.

NATURAL LENGTH | 2 hr. | $60+


This service is for maintaining your NILLIFUL gel enhancements as your nails grow out. We do not do foreign fills due to the possibility of incompatible products. Includes removal of color, trimming and shaping of the nails, buffing, cuticle cleaning, gel fill, one gel polish color cured with UV/LED light, followed by lotion, massage of the hands, and oil. For returning guests only.

NATURAL LENGTH | 2 hr. | $50+


Get a chip-resistant and longer wear out of your color with our gel manicure. Unlike lacquer polishes, gel polishes cure in seconds, reducing ready wait time. Select from our collection of high quality Korean gel polishes. Includes trimming/shaping of the nails, deep cuticle care, buffing, one gel polish color cured with UV/LED light, followed by lotion, massage of the hands, and oil. 

GEL MANICURE | 1 hr. 30 min. | $50


Safe and proper removal of any nail enhancement type (gel/acrylic/dip powder) is crucial to preventing nail damage, retaining overall nail health, and ensuring lasting results for new nail enhancement work. 

A $10 removal fee will incur for new guests requiring removal of other work prior to getting NILLIFUL nails and for removal only for NILLIFUL work. This fee is waived for returning guests who have booked a nail enhancement service and will be requiring removal of previous NILLIFUL work. We do not offer removal only for other work. 

If you will require removal of any type of nail enhancement prior to receiving a nail enhancement service, please make sure to select the nail service option that includes removal to ensure sufficient time during your visit. 


(Contact us to Book)



Know the exact cost of of your service including nail art and save time on having to search for nail art ideas by choosing from the Artist's Designs. New nail designs every month! Includes trimming and shaping of the nails, deep cuticle care, buffing, your chosen Artist's Design, followed by lotion, massage of the hands, and oil. 

BASE SERVICE COST + (marked price)


Choose your base nail enhancement service, length, and shape. Trust in the artist and in the process as your color and nail art are chosen for you to create a one-of-a-kind nail design. Results are a delightful surprise as designs are not pre-created nor based off of reference photos. However, care, craftsmanship, and proficient techniques will always be applied.


This option allows you to try a new and unique nail look while providing definite nail art pricing. If you have special nail art requests or are not comfortable with this completely audacious option, please select the custom nail art option instead.



Booking a service with nail art includes a nail art base price of $20. However, your total cost may differ depending on the simplicity or complexity of your desired custom nail art design. 

The Custom Nail Art Tier System serves as a guideline for custom nail art pricing. Times are approximate and may not reflect actual time that may be needed to create your design. The time and complexity of the process it takes to achieve desired nail design as well as nail length will impact total cost. Price variation is at the discretion of the nail artist. For definite nail art pricing, please choose from the artist's predesigned display.

TIER 1 | +30 min. | $2 per nail

Includes very basic nail art such as glitter, additional color, dots, lines, french, ombré, full nail chrome, single color blush, half moons, simple negative space designs, single rhinestones

TIER 2 | +40 min. | $5 per nail

Includes basic nail art such as abstract designs, isolated chrome, multicolor blush, foils, swirls, stamping, stickers, animal print, marble, simple flower shapes, geometric shapes, single charms

TIER 3 | +50 min. | $10 per nail

Includes intermediate nail art such as flames, checkered designs, grids, multi-color aura designs/airbrush, tweed designs, smiley faces, detailed flowers or multiple flowers, 3D gel abstract shapes such as lines/drips/donuts, scattered rhinestones/pearls, certain charms

TIER 4 | +60 min. - 120 min. | $15-20 per nail

Includes detailed and intricate nail art or mixed medium designs that include intricate hand-painted designs, 3D gel characters or designs, lettering, full nail of rhinestones, pixie crystals, chains, link rings, special limited quantity charms, Swarovski crystals


Not sure which service you need? Have questions about nail art? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

DM: Instagram

TEXT: 414.212.5366


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